Shiba Poke is The First Shiba Inu themed Restaurant in Canada. We serve Korean inspired Boba Tea and Hawaiian Poke Bowls with rice shaped like a Cute Shiba Inu.

What's in a Poke Bowl?

Our modern poke bowls are made of marinated sashimi, vegetables and grains. Think of it as sushi in a bowl, without the fancy price tag, packed with a vibrant array of fruits, vegetables and our Cute one-of-a-kind Shiba shaped rice.


245A Kennedy Avenue, Toronto

954 College Street, Toronto

FB: shibapoke

IG: shibainupoke


Host a poke party in your office or home! We’ll give you what you need to set up your own poke bar, your guests will love building their own poke bowl as a fun & delicious activity. Perfect for corporate workshops or even just a gathering at home.

We also do catering for large orders of individual poke bowls.

Do you have a Shiba Inu?

Bring him/her to Shiba Poke to get a free Shiba Original Bubble Tea